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I NEED HELP… with my Punk Majesty business in order to grow!

I need help. I hear all the time that you “can’t do it all alone,” and you need to “learn to ask for help,” so I am writing this in the hopes that it will lead me to the help that I need… I’ll explain where I currently am, and what I am trying to accomplish…

Punk Majesty is a custom line of statement clothing and accessories with the ethos of the brand being empowerment—each piece makes a statement, meant to make the wearer feel powerful. The line currently consists of suit jackets, vests, leather jackets, ties and gloves.

What I currently do as a one-woman business is about all I can handle on my own: I do the research, shopping, and ordering of supplies for the line; design the pieces; photograph, measure and list all the clothing to sell online on my website and Etsy; book models for photo shoots and events; photograph, style and edit photo shoots; design, update and maintain the ecommerce website and FB and IG pages; keep track of all accounting: money spent, coming in, and taxes; form partnerships with stores and do all the paperwork and communicating, shipping, and inventory tracking with those stores and my customers. I also do a lot of time-consuming research and networking. (I am going to leave out the details about the extensive amount of work that goes into traveling to sell at physical events, as that is not relevant to the help I am asking for here.)

What I need now and for my future is NOT out of my reach, but I cannot do it without help.

I need to grow my IG and online presence with followers who are real customers. I need a marketing, advertising and/or social media guru that specializes in direct business to consumer sales. The first immediate goal is to become a thriving (money making) direct to consumer custom order online business.

I would like to have someone who is comfortable taking that role on for me, starting as a part time gig. If that person is able to help grow the business, it will lead to more. I need someone who has proven growth through sales results of a small online brand. People do this all the time. I just do not have the time to learn to take on this role and still do all the other aspects of the business. I am open to any and all suggestions from people in the fields of B2C, Marketing, Advertising, Social Media Influencers & Business, but not from people without these backgrounds. >>> I know I have a lot of friends with opinions, but I have too much outside noise and not enough time, so I am only asking for help from people who have expertise in the desired fields.

Because Punk Majesty is currently a custom one of a kind “specialized” business, the approach for growth will likely be different than that of a mass produced line, so obviously I need someone who understands that, and wants to help a small business (that they believe in) grow.

I need word of mouth, press coverage, tons of social media followers, and sales.

I would love to work with someone who loves my work and wants to be a part of this business, getting in at the ground floor, but I will work with anyone who can help. I am open to students or recent grads, as long as they have a proven track record or someone mentoring them.

If you are a person that can help with what I need, or you know people who can, let me know. I can be reached through the Punk Majesty website, FB page and IG.

My longer-term goal for the future is to eventually expand and be able to mass-produce certain pieces. I already have several scenarios in my head of ways that can be done, but that can’t happen without money. If I achieve my immediate growth goals and have a proven track record of sales, I may have enough money to produce more than one piece at a time, or attract investors into the business to get that money.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to read this. I appreciate all the verbal support I have received in the 5 years I’ve been working on this, but “congratulations” don’t pay the bills, so it is DO OR DIE TIME and I NEED HELP.

I’d also like to thank all the friends and friends of friends who have modeled, bought items, assisted me, or brought me customers. I couldn’t have gotten this far without the help and kindness of friends and supporters.

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