Punk Majesty jackets are custom clothing statement pieces as wearable art. They are dry clean safe. Each Suit Jacket is eco friendly fashion: sustainable clothing/ upcycled clothing/ recycled clothing. Pricing is based on the quality of each jacket, the amount of accessories, detailing and time. (**If you see one you like that is out of stock, I can make it as a custom order in your size!) You can also mail me your jacket to customize! CLICK EACH FOR DETAILS, MEASUREMENTS AND MULTIPLE VIEWS.


ECO-FRIENDLY FASHION: Empowering, Upcycled, One-of-a-Kind Custom Pieces. This is Rock Star Fashion.


"Punk Majesty jacket is my favorite new fashion statement! Living in NYC with a shoe box of a closet, I have to be picky of what goes in there... only items that are unique and that I love. The jacket is such a cool piece and very well made. When we move to Lisbon this fall I will feel like I have a piece of NYC with me.

— Julien McRoberts, May 2020


"You’ll love your one of a kind garment from Alisha Amnesia’s clothing label, Punk Majesty. If it’s for a special night out, or just defying the norm, everyone should have at least one of these items in their wardrobe. I was lucky to have this customized blazer made for me."

— Reyka Osburn, March 2020

1Reyka-V copy 2.jpeg

"I had Alisha at Punk Majesty customize an old Hugo Boss jacket that I bought at a yard sale from my bro Jimmy Recca, who for a brief moment in time was in The Stooges. Alisha’s creative embellishments to the jacket have truly heightened the jacket’s legacy for me."

— Robert Morfitt, 2019


"I think I have seven Punk Majesty suit jackets now. I love love love them! This just might be my favorite though.
I enjoy wearing suits in my professional life and Punk Majesty gives my day look just the right edge. Not to mention that Punk Majesty’s creative director and designer is a one-woman beautiful force of punk nature."

— Ann Insley, Dec. 2020