ECO-FRIENDLY FASHION: Empowering, Upcycled, One-of-a-Kind Custom Pieces. This is Rock Star Fashion.

Everything you see on this page can be recreated for you on your own jacket! Email to inquire. We have blanks available in the most common sizes 38, 40, & 42. For all other sizes, send us your jacket to customize. We can’t wait to make your Custom one-of-a-kind!


"Punk Majesty jacket is my favorite new fashion statement! Living in NYC with a shoe box of a closet, I have to be picky of what goes in there... only items that are unique and that I love. The jacket is such a cool piece and very well made. When we move to Lisbon this fall I will feel like I have a piece of NYC with me.

— Julien McRoberts, May 2020


"You’ll love your one of a kind garment from Alisha Amnesia’s clothing label, Punk Majesty. If it’s for a special night out, or just defying the norm, everyone should have at least one of these items in their wardrobe. I was lucky to have this customized blazer made for me."

— Reyka Osburn, March 2020