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Recently I had a visitor on my Punk Majesty page make a comment, and you often can’t tell for sure with emails, Facebook comments, or texts what a person’s true intention is, or if they really are “taking the piss” as the English would say…

I posted this photo of me wearing my first Punk Majesty dress to a fancy party.

I call it my “Autobiography Dress” because it says all the things I believe to be true about me. “I don’t care what you think; I say what I think; The future is mine; I get bored easily; I don’t waste time; I live for today; I don’t worry about the future; I gotta be me; I won’t back down; Nothing will break me; I can do anything; Never underestimate me; I call the shots; I stand on my own; I get things done; I work hard, I play hard; I’m not part of the status quo; Nothing lasts forever; Enjoy your moments; Always get back up; Live in the moment.”

I don’t actually expect anyone to read my dress when I’m wearing it. It’s definitely a statement piece, but if I’m in it, I expect people will be looking at my face and not reading my dress!

Anyway, this person commented on my photo saying, “I’m confused. So where does the punk part come in?” Well, if he was able to read it, and understood what I’m doing, I don’t think he’d have to ask. Everything I quoted above explains it, doesn’t it? The Ethos of Punk is pretty much: FUCK YOU. I’M GONNA DO WHAT I WANT, AND I DON’T CARE WHAT YOU THINK.” I think my dress says that. Also, I’d say it’s “punk” that I found it somewhere for 20 dollars, liked the “bones” of the dress, took it in to make it tighter, wrote my message on it and added chains, and the result was a DIY custom one-of-a-kind piece of clothing that no one else in the world has anything like. My clothing is all found and re-purposed.

That’s what the first punk rockers were doing… expressing themselves through their modified clothing, rebelling against society, and wearing DIY creations that no one else in the world had. No two pieces are alike. I get that this is a “fancy looking” dress. But isn’t it also “punk” to not give a shit what anyone else thinks and to do it my way? Sometimes I might want to dress up, but not look like everyone else at the cocktail party… and by the way, for the rest of my life, I never will!

My target audience (in my mind) for my Punk Majesty clothing is grown up punk rockers and rock n roll people, or people who like what I’m doing and have the balls to wear artistic statement pieces. Generally, in my mind, these people are over 30 and grew up with the punk rock ethos, but now their style has evolved past spiked leather jackets. They still have their rebellious spirit and wouldn’t feel comfortable in a business suit or the regular everyday clothes “normal people” wear. My people are “peacocks.” They stand out in a crowd.

If I were to pick celebrities I have in mind who would wear it well, it would be people like Boy George, Billy Idol, Cyndi Lauper, Debbie Harry, Nick Rhoades from Duran Duran, Big Freedia (Bounce music is totally PUNK), Joan Jett, Sharon Osborne… you get the picture, but I’m not doing this for celebrities. I’m doing this for me, and for others who can appreciate it. If you have something to say, I can help you say it on a one-of-a-kind piece of statement clothing, with “punk” detailed embellishments. –Punk Majesty. Tell your cool friends.

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