Punk Majesty is looking for a Social Media Marketing Intern!


Use my business as an example of what you can do for future employers!


I have a Communications degree and have been doing PR for 20 years, but I started this clothing line and simply do not have enough time to make the clothes AND do the social media and PR for my own brand. I got my start doing internships for others, and know the value of internships. If you show me results, I will help you grow your own SM business by singing your praises and helping you make connections, as well as get future jobs. This will be primarily a telecommuting job where we can share a Google drive of photos. This is unpaid internship, but after a 3-month trial period, this can grow into a permanent part time paid telecommuting side gig for you. The person in this position is invited to join Punk Majesty at all future art and fashion showcases and events and do live social media at the events. The person for this position needs to understand the brand; it’s ethos, and the vision. It will be a dream job for someone who enjoys art, fashion, and music because that is the inspiration for the brand, and the types of events Punk Majesty is involved in. Must be over 21 due to the events.


The job:


  • Post on all social media accounts daily, track the best times of day for the accounts

  • Grow my Instagram, Facebook and Twitter Followers, Follow the right accounts, generally help grow the brand awareness (and never misspell anything!)

  • Make Videos, Video Blogs and Galleries to share

  • Keep me in the know of other SM I should be utilizing, new apps, and tech time saving techniques—I really need that!

  • Give me insights into how to make my website better. I design and update it myself, but eventually want help with that, so if my SM Intern wants to add website updating to the gig, that would also be helpful but not required.

  • Give me insights on who to tweet to and DM to make connections that can get Punk Majesty noticed.

  • Research and help me know the right bloggers and tastemakers


Right now, I have just started an Instagram and I never post on Twitter. We are starting at base level. Should I care about Snapchat or Pintrest or something else? I don’t know, and I don’t have time. I need you to know that!


**There is an additional opportunity, if you want to learn to use Meltwater (PR Software Database), I have an account and we can meet frequently to train with it. If the SM Intern wants to use Meltwater, we can work together to do additional traditional PR outside of social media: write and distribute Press Releases to Media, create databases. This too, will help you gain knowledge and have a track record to show future employers your skills.


Check out www.punkmajesty.com, on Instagram @punkmajestysf, my personal account @alishaamnesia, www.alishaalexander.com, and the Punk Majesty page on Facebook to see if you are interested and right for this opportunity.


Please outline your skills and experience, and tell me what you think you can do.